Jorge Fuembuena

Über den kÜnstler

Der Künstler über seine Beweggründe zu fotografieren:

I don't take pictures because I want to describe reality but because I try to discover it. The space is initiated because we look beyond where we are, beyond us.

What always interests me is the notion of paradox. I have always been more interested in how we build reality than in reality itself. Photography lets me wonder a lot on what is real and what is not.

We as artists look for a language and this has something to do with finding a way to formulate (in this sense, a way of formalizing) what is being told. I think that the how is usually more important than the what, as it indicates a position towards the world; where I photograph from, what is my relationship with photography, etc.

From something concrete, we can see how a world operates. I think photography shows the appearance of things but doesn't translate it.

To me, photography talks about ideas, semantic layers of meaning that we add. I share the questions, the uncertainty.

Photography allows me to interact with others and with the world. I use photography as a tool to reflect upon the nature of the social and the individual being. It helps us build a vision of who we are. My will is to find emotional correspondences, to generate horizontality with the world being photographed and, as Serge Tisseron says, to have a psychic assimilation of the world.

Ausstellung "The End of Cathedrals"



geboren in Zaragoza, Spanien

lebt und Arbeitet in Madrid, Spanien und Nantes, Frankreich.

Mitglied der La Casa de Velázquez, Acadèmie de France in Madrid.



Fotografie Preis der Santa Isabel de Portugal (Portugal)


International Festival of Visual Arts Emergent

Foto Reportage Preis der ARCO


Finalist bei Descubrimientos Photoespana

Generaciones Caja Madrid

OCEMX Award, Mexiko City


Gold Medaille PX3 Prix, Paris (Frankreich)

Ehrenhafte Erwähnung IPA Competition - Lucia Foundation, New York

Finalist bei AENA Foundation



10 Jahre Galerie FREY Salzburg, Galerie FREY, Salzburg


Constellations, Galerie FREY, Wien


The End of Cathedrals,, Salzburg


Plat(t)form 2013, kuriert vom Fotomuseum Winterthur (Schweiz)

International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts Photoespana

Palma Photo, Palma de Mallorca


Fotoseptiembre, CCEMEX (Mexiko)

Fotonoviembre, Teneriffa (Spanien)

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